Choose direct debt collection

If you have already sent a Letter Before Action, but your debtor is still refusing to pay, take more decisive action.

We will refer you to a trusted recovery partner, who will visit your debtor direct to recover your money. Our chosen debt collection partners have industry-high success rates and hundreds of 5* verified customer reviews.

So relax. And trust the industry experts to get your money back.

Instruct a debt collection agency to get you the result you deserve


Why use a debt collection agency?

Direct debt collection works.

We will refer you to a debt collection agency with proven results. Each of our partnered debt collection agencies have success rates of 84% and above, so we know they can get your money back. And with no lengthy court proceedings and excessive legal fees, our partnered debt collection agencies provide a low-cost, fast and efficient debt recovery solution.


How much does it cost?

Debt collection agencies charge a small success fee for every debt collected. But this cost is recoverable. In most cases, debtors can be charged interest through the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act, so they will pay the bill, not you.

And remember, if the debt collection agency cannot recover your money, you won’t pay a penny.


Instruct a debt collection agency today


No collection, no fee