Send a Letter Before Action (LBA) for just £3.00

In over 89% of cases, receipt of a Letter Before Action (LBA) will force your debtor to pay. Fast and low-cost, LBAs are our most popular debt collection solution. So if you want to get your money back, send your debtor a LBA today.


What is a Letter Before Action (LBA)?

An LBA informs debtors of impending court action, if debts are not paid within 7 days. In over 89%* of cases, debtors will pay all outstanding fees after receiving an LBA.


Why send a Letter Before Action (LBA)?

Before spending thousands on court fees, a recovery partner will send a LBA to your debtor for just £3.00, including VAT.

If successful, your case manager will charge your debtor late payment interest, not you. So for just £3.00, and with no hidden fees, there really is nothing to lose by sending a LBA. It could be the only step you need to take to get your money back.

In order to send a LBA, just tell us your name, address, the amount owed, and your debtor’s name.


Send a LBA today for just £3.00


Your risk-free, low-cost debt collection solution

*panel partner confirmed LBA success data, 2020.