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Our partners can help recover any type of debt.


Contact us if you believe your debtor is facing insolvency and we can direct you to a company who specialise in insolvency collections.

To send a Letter Before Action (LBA) our partners charge £3.00.


(What’s the catch? Well, the answer really is simple. Because good news travels fast. Great reviews generate more business for us.)


In order to legitimise and bolster a legal case, you must be able to prove to the courts that you have exhausted all attempts to recover the debt. Sending a LBA is an assertive final warning to your debtor. Here at, we always advise creditors to send a LBA to ensure they have met pre-action protocols.


Our providers charge a fixed fee. You can decide whether or not to go ahead with the collection after you have received the quote. The cost of the collection depends on the complexity of the case. (Some cases are much easier to action than others.) Each debt will be investigated in full via a free legal appraisal. This is to make sure it is both valid and collectable.

In 2020, we made over 2,000 referrals. The debts referred consisted of:

  • personal loans
  • unpaid invoices
  • personal debts
  • unpaid rent
  • CCJ enforcement

There is no minimum amount.


But for our partners to act on your behalf, you must be able to confirm the debt’s legitimacy. So it is important that you are ready to share any related documentation.


For case-specific information, complete the contact form, and we will be in touch. We will partner you with a collection agency who will be most suited to your case.

In 2020, LBA referrals across the partnership had a success rate of over 88%.

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